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Honesty in Politics

Have a take, don't suck

The truth and balance behind politics
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This is a community about politics. The premise is simple and should not be lost on anyone. Have a take... do not suck. I don't care what your take is, and you can feel to disagree with people here, just know what the hell you are talking about, and be able to formulate a simple idea in your brain. Political debate is welcome here and I realize there is another side to the coin as far as politics go.

If your take does suck, and you post it, don't come crying to me when you are beaten down for having a garbage take. Instead, try reading a book once in a while and try getting your information from more sources then just the one that agrees with your agenda. There are a lot of smart lefties and righties out there, and they have game. If your take is something like "so and so is ugly"... you have no game. If your take is that Ann Coulter looks like a man, you have no game. If your take is that Michael Moore needs to push away from the all you can eat buffet, you'd be right, but still have no game.

This isn't going to be some stupid community where we all pat each other on the ass and sing songs and post who our favorite gay puppet is. If that is your take, I suggest you run on over to michaelmoore and hang out there. Quite frankly, we don't need that here, and we don't need you to copy and paste an article with out putting an honest thought about your feelings behind said article.

Joking is allowed here. If you have game, and you post a joke, people will laugh. If your joke is "I don't know whether to use color or black and white film while the President is drowning", you will be exposed.

Welcome to the newest and FRESHEST community for honest politics... MooreMichael on LJ.

If you enjoy this community, and how could you not, feel free to join moderate_repubs as well.