silent_iniquity (silent_iniquity) wrote in mooremichael,

Personal Beliefs Vs. the New Conservatism.

I am not going to post this in my own journal, because I understand that you guys have a level of maturity about you that doesn't seem to exist with in certain portions of my Live Journal. Also, I want to give you my perspective as a non-practicing Roman Catholic, who has been some what shocked by the recent salvo fired over the metaphoric Catholic battleship after the Popes death.

Any one who has known me for any length of time knows that I don't really identify with one group or ideology. I think that limiting myself to a strict set of principles often leads me to be at odds with my conscious. This goes in both directions, and towards both political parties, and political ideologies. Basically, I don't feel that a hammer is always the right tool, and sometimes a different tool in the hand helps to complete the job.

You know what old saying about "first they came for so and so... and I did nothing"? Well, I'm getting that vibe right now from the conservatives. To me, it feels like they are slowly pairing off any one who is different from them, and ostracizing parts of their voting block.

The basic cruel and insensitive comments aren't limited to just the right wing in regards to the Pope, but the most glaring and appalling are coming from that direction. Even as a non-practicing Roman Catholic, I am appalled by the statements and actions of some on the right wing. And was the case with Michael Moore, thus shouting the loudest and saying the least are often the most disturbing.

If you've known me for any length of time, you know that as far as persecution of any group goes, I'm generally the first person to stand up and say something about it. I guess it was only a matter of time before the group I was quasi-part of was put down in a similar fashion. I don't know why it offends me so much, but it does.

I've always have been of the belief that people pray to God(s) in different ways, but we are all talking to the same person. The Religious vehicle that a person uses that allows them to feel closest to God is not my place to judge, or speak about. Only when that religion becomes a shield for malicious intent do I speak out about it, and only in a way that asks for the leaders to be some what accountable for their actions.

I've been told lately, by people who feel that they have my best interest at heart that I should revile the Pope. These people as my friends have told me to look away from Catholicism, and to turn my back on a set of principles that have been handed down for generations inside of my Polish upbringing. They see the Popes passing as a crack in the church and now feel that they have their opportunity to once and for all knock the Vatican and its people to the ground.

And they will learn, as Stalin did, that words and armies will never crush something that is so much more important then those.

And that is a faith in something greater then us.

There is no crack in the Church, but a small crack is being formed in conservative movement in this country. I warn them to take care of this crack, or eventually the metaphoric damn will break.

And once that happens, there is no turning back.
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