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So I've just had a few random thoughts going through my mind over the weekend and such. There are certain political things I'm still not completely grasping, like why Hollywood feels that it should be involved in politics at all. I guess that really isn't my place to say they should or shouldn't be involved... but I don't understand how Leonardo DiCaprio's (sp) Oscar make him any more qualified to speak on political issues then I am.

I think that it is time to start the pulling out of our troops from Iraq. I think we should declare this a military victory over the Iraqi army, and leave. I think the important lesson I learned (and I hope other Fox News watchers learn as well) is that just because someone doesn't like Saddam (or currently Syria in the case of Lebanon) it doesn't immediately mean that we are going to walk in and be accepted any more so then the bad situation those people already were in. I don't think the lose of life in this war has been catastrophic as some of the people on the left feel it has been, but at the same time I don't see us making any head way in that country any more.

Nor is it our responsibility to.

With the recent Shiite win in the election, with the Sunnis sitting out in "protest" of the elections it has become painfully obvious to me that indeed a majority of Muslims would really rather been in a country ran by a religious fundamentalist sect, and the rest are apathetic towards having a government that would better suit their needs.

I guess I'll never really understand why the Sunnis, and especially their religious leaders felt that sitting out this election was an in roads to a better life for their people, but I guess the message was sent to us to stop trying to interfere in that regions slow moving social order.

I guess that would be an alright deal if they would promise to stop flying planes into buildings...

And stop sending suicide bombers all over the place...

Truly that situation feels utterly hopeless.

In talking to my brother, he really feels that "the world is coming to an end". Eh, I disagree with that. I'm sure that in the 80s everyone felt that nuclear war was on our door step... and in the 50s, 60s and 70s that the great communist threat was about to end the world...

And the Nazi's before that. I guess we all have the "doom" of our time.

In reality though, one question I am always asking that no one on either side has given me an honest and satisfactory answer to is this; Is it war you have a problem with, or the man who is at the head of this war?

Because I really don't see a lot of people on the left wing protesting the half a dozen wars being waged in Africa right now, or protesting or showing outrage against the military actions all over the world. See, what I'm saying is, is that I would find YOUR side a lot more plausible and honest if you were protesting these things... I guess that is what the Fake G would call selective outrage.

And speaking of that, Tina and I are having a discussion and are doing some research in a way possible to help out "people" in that region. I don't want to give up to much in case we find out that this thing we want to do is implausible, but I think it is possible to lend a helping hand in this situation. I'll keep you all updated if we end up going through with this...

Like I said, I have a lot of random thoughts bouncing through my head...

Maybe someone can help me out here?
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